I have been riding a Snowhawk for four years now. I get such a rush every time I go out on the Snowhawk. It is more manuverable than a snowmobile and easily out-performs snowmobiles in the trees, tight trails and powder.

I have back problems and find that the upright sitting position of the Snowhawk is more comfortable than snowmobiles and find that i don't get the painfull after-effects i got when riding snowmobiles.
Dewey L

Ken M

I fully enjoyed the Snow Hawk experience, I have been riding motocross bikes for over
25 years and this machine was bang on what I wanted in the snow. Good response with great transition in the powder. I recommend any biker to hit the snow on a Hawk, wish I did it sooner.
Jonathan M


Okanagan Mountaintoyz has a full service shop and we service all makes of Snowmobiles/Snow Hawks.   We are a Snow Hawk dealership, we sell new and used Snow Hawks and snow mobiles. We welcome trades and consignments and will pay cash for units 1996 and newer.

We have very knowledgeable technicians that can give you inside information on any Snowmobile/Snow Hawks.  We sell and install high performance products to enhance your Snowmobile/Snow Hawk’s performance