I have been riding a Snowhawk for four years now. I get such a rush every time I go out on the Snowhawk. It is more manuverable than a snowmobile and easily out-performs snowmobiles in the trees, tight trails and powder.

I have back problems and find that the upright sitting position of the Snowhawk is more comfortable than snowmobiles and find that i don't get the painfull after-effects i got when riding snowmobiles.
Dewey L

Ken M

I fully enjoyed the Snow Hawk experience, I have been riding motocross bikes for over
25 years and this machine was bang on what I wanted in the snow. Good response with great transition in the powder. I recommend any biker to hit the snow on a Hawk, wish I did it sooner.
Jonathan M


Okanagan Mountain Toyz has a full service shop and can service all makes of   Snowmobiles.   We are a Snow Hawk dealership, we sell new and used snow hawks and snow mobiles. We welcome trades and consignments and will pay cash for units 1996 and newer. We have very knowledgeable technicians that can give you inside information on any Snowmobile.

Snow Hawk 800 H.0.  2007
2007 Snow Hawk 800 H.O.

Currently we have two models, the 121" x 12" track version and the 136" x 12" track version. The 121" track version is great for most people but for serious mountain riders, the 136" is definitely the way to go. The performance of the Snow Hawk in deep snow and in the mountains is incredible for a number of reasons, it's light, narrow and nimble that it can be thrown around like a motorcross bike. This comes in handy especially when cruising through the trees.

The Hawk JR. is simply every kid's dream come true. Designed to entertain kids as well as young at heart adults, the Hawk JR. is matchless in it's category. No other winter recreational vehicle will allow kids 8 and up to develop their abilities while having the time of their life. 

Authorized Dealer

Many people think the vehicle is unstable before they try it.   It is surprisingly quite stable. Like any other bike, the faster you go the more stable it is due to something called gyroscopic effect. This is the stabilizing effect that a rotating mass provides, such as the wheels on a motorcycle do.   The snow hawk has a huge rotating mass in the track and it provides are very noticeable " straightening" effect when coming out of a high lean-angle turn. This is a very confidence-inspiring feeling when learning how to drive the vehicle.


The Hawk allows you to perform manoeuvres that no other winter vehicle can. The commercial version of the Snow Hawk was actually the fourth generation of the vehicle's design. We wanted to make sure the vehicle was both agile and controllable before we brought it to the market. The top speed on packed trails is around 70 mph and will some what less in powder, depending on the exact conditions. Come see for your demo today.


In 1997 the Boivin brothers started the research and development of the Snow-hawk before they released it to the public in 2002.   After six years the new 2007 Snow-hawk has suddenly made a mark in the snowmobile industry. For 2007 Snow-Hawk has released the new 800 version which many people who have been watching the progress of the Snow-Hawk have been waiting for.

As a Snow-hawk enthusiast and a recreation rental owner I've found the Snow-hawk to be much stronger and more exhilarating to ride then a snowmobile.   There are no radius or trailing arms to break and there are also no welds or rivets on the entire frame.   In fact the Snow-hawk will not roll down a hill, it will just simply fall on its side and slide a few feet.   Its swing arm suspension is arguably one of the best suspensions in the world and enables the 2007 Snow-hawk to go through the roughest terrain possible with little rider fatigue.

We have been in the sled rental industry for over 8 years and have seen new sleds go out for their first rental and come back extremely damaged.   This year will be our 5th season renting the Snow-hawks and we have increased the number of units in our fleet every year as we have found that the demand for them is steadily increasing.   I particularly enjoy having my customers return happy and exhilarated and hearing what a great time they've had because I know when they walk away they are going to tell their friends about their experience.   Due to the durability of the Snow-hawk they come back almost every time with virtually no damage, except for the odd scratch.  


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