I have been riding a Snowhawk for four years now. I get such a rush every time I go out on the Snowhawk. It is more manuverable than a snowmobile and easily out-performs snowmobiles in the trees, tight trails and powder.

I have back problems and find that the upright sitting position of the Snowhawk is more comfortable than snowmobiles and find that i don't get the painfull after-effects i got when riding snowmobiles.
Dewey L

Ken M

I fully enjoyed the Snow Hawk experience, I have been riding motocross bikes for over
25 years and this machine was bang on what I wanted in the snow. Good response with great transition in the powder. I recommend any biker to hit the snow on a Hawk, wish I did it sooner.
Jonathan M



  • All sleds go out full of fuel and must be returned full, using at least a mid grade fuel. All sleds come full with oil injector lubricant and we do provide extra.
  • We also supply helmets but do recommend you bring your own goggles [double lenses work the best].
  • We supply trailers providing you have a 2 inch ball and a four wheel drive vehicle.  [$35.00 per rental].
  • We will not accept any truck with bald tires. You must have 40% or more traction on your all season radials or regular snow tires. If you show up with inadequate tires, it is at the discretion of Okanagan Mountain Toyz to cancel your rental and you would lose your reservation deposit.
  • Your truck must be equipped with a proper wiring harness your basic 4 prong harness, for your trailer meaning: 3 male ends and 1 female end.
  • A waiver must be signed by everyone who will be on the snowmobile or snow hawk.
  • A required damage deposit of $900.00 - $1800.00 depending on what sled is rented.
  • All rentals are subject to GST and PST. If you have a native status card, taxes can be waived.
  • Customers who are operating snowmobile/snow hawk must have a valid drivers license and be in good physical shape and weigh no more than 250 pounds.
  • If customers do have to tow one of our machines, belt must be taken off the machine being towed. We provide towing straps.
  • For busy weekends we do like our customers to come into our Rental facility early too fill out the waivers. In order to save time to get you on the road early when your P/U date arrives.
  • No half day rates available due to the time it takes to get to the destination.
  • Providing that the machine you rented is not out we offer early pick up for your convenience between 1:00-3:00pm the afternoon before your rental date. If the machine is out the day before your departure you will have to p/u the rental in the morning we strongly recommend that you make an appointment and come in sometime before the day of your rental to fill out the paperwork so we can get you out quicker. 
  • All sleds should be returned between 4:00 - 5:30pm or late charges will apply. $1.50 per  minute.

PHONE: 250-769-5382

Email inquiries/info: info@okanaganwatertoyz.com